Husband and Wife, King and Queen

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Welcome to the website all about King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella II of Spain! You, as a reader, are invited now to go on a journey to the past - preferably into the 1400’s and 1500’s to be specific. Open your mind and prepare your senses for the trip into the time period of medieval Spain.

At this time period during the middle ages, many battles and struggles for power, land, and wealth were occurring. These governmental difficulties were usually solved or sorted out by a singular, male ruler - the all-powerful King. He was advised and aided by  his specifically chosen royal court of advisors and such, but did not have the luxury of a ruling partner - he essentially worked alone. 

But, in the case of Ferdinand V of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, the rule of the medieval country of Spain was a joint effort. Ferdinand, as King of Spain, did not manage all foreign, social, economical, religious, or political affairs on his own or all by his lonesome - he, unlike so may rulers before him, heavily relied on the partnership of his helpfully ruling wife, Isabella, the Queen of Spain. What sets this royal couple apart from the other kings of ages past is their resolve to reign equally and with each other in mind. Both monarchs conjoined efforts to control Spain at this turbulent time, and made their mistakes - but also did astounding things for this particular country.

Of these mishaps and completions, the formation of the Spanish Inquisition, the brutal persecution of Muslims and Jews alike, the major switch to solely the Catholic religion, and the overall unification of Spain are considered major points of research to historians and sociologists alike. In the continuation of this website, these main points of Ferdinand and Isabella’s powerful rule will be discussed thoroughly, and will also include other information that you didn’t know before - even about the culture of medieval Spanish courts!

Again, when you as a reader embark on this thrilling trip through time, be sure to note the workings of the medieval politics and social norms, the goals of these two majestic rulers, and learn to appreciate, rejoice, and sorrowfully linger over the failures or accomplishments of the unforgettable, married duo - King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.